On the 6th November 2016, the Italo-Americana Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles (IACCW) organised an event at the WestEdge Design Fair, an annual contemporary design show to promote the First Week of Italian Cuisine in the World. In a series of live cooking demos, various chefs explained the characteristics of the products used (Provola Affumicata, Parmigiano Reggiano, Porcini mushrooms, black truffle, Pasta di Gragnano, Caiazzo extra-virgin olive oil), creating authentic Italian dishes, not only in terms of flavour but also their preparation and presentation. The food and wine tour of the Italian Cuisine in the World week was also featured on the RaiNews24 programme, "Mordi e Fuggi" through a special report on the masterclasses organised by the IACCW of Los Angeles and an interview with the chamber’s Secretary-General, Genny Nevoso.