The Italian Chamber of Commerce in New York organised a seminar called “The future of Italian cuisine: is the search for authenticity a blessing or curse for Italian restaurants in the United States?”. Run as part of the US First Week of Italian Cuisine in the World, the event was held on 14-20 November 2016, at the Italian Consulate in New York. The programme included interventions from the academic world (Prof. Carlo Pratesi – Università Roma III), the restaurant sector (Gianfranco Sorrentino – owner of a restaurant in New York), importers (Gennaro D’alessio – President of C&D Food Imports), as well as Berardo Paradiso (Academic Delegate for Cucina Italiana NY Soho), Giuliano Matarese (Corporate Chefs NYC Restaurant Group) and Alberto Milani (President of CCIE New York). The proceedings were moderated by journalist Andrea Fiano, New York correspondent for Milano Finanza and Global Finance and Vice-Representative of the Italian Cookery Academy NY Soho. The meeting was followed by a meal made from PDO/PGI products at The Leopard at Des Artistes restaurant.