On 30th November, the Los Angeles CCIE [Italian Chamber of Commerce Abroad] worked with the local Italian Cultural Institute to organise a round table on food and sustainability. The moderator was Hernest Miller, from Slow Food Los Angeles. The value and the important role of products with special territorial links and governed by tight standards (PDO, IGT, etc.) in the sustainability of the future of agri-food production were highlighted. The speakers included:

  • Laura Avery – Santa Monica Farmes Market 
  • Behtash Bahador – The Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition Foundation 
  • Frank Garofalo – Culinary Development Specialist 
  • Orietta Giangiorio – Olive Oil Expert and Master Taster 
  • Giammario Villa – Master Taster and Wine Educator 
  • Emily Zipperstein – The Center for Good Food Purchasing 

 Local authorities, well-known traders, journalists and consumers were part of the audience.