“The Italian culinary tour”, an activity for the valorisation of Italian enogastronomy culture, was organised by the CCIE [Italian Chamber of Commerce Abroad] of Miami, in partnership with the Italian restaurants in the area and thanks to co-branding initiatives with food companies and wine estates. Overall 16 restaurants, 1 Consortium of typical Italian wines (Puglia in Rosè) and over 200 journalists, food bloggers, importers, distributors and local authorities were involved.
After the opening evening, held in the “Il Bacaro” restaurant (in the Miami beach area), there were 4 other evening events, which involved 4 restaurants each in 4 different areas of Miami. During each of the evenings, participants were able to have a real tour among the restaurants involved, tasting typical Italian dishes and attending special sessions to learn more about the “True Italian Taste” project and the 100% Made in Italy products used in the menus. Plenty of room was given to wine production - the partner winemakers (such as Zonin, Bonollo and Antinori) presented the wines accompanying the proposed dishes. Each evening had a specific menu and there were about 50 participants for each “dinner on the move”. A limited number of foodies and food lovers were able to join the tour by registering through the Eventbrite web site. The event was promoted through an intense social media campaign and via articles in the Miami New Times (a weekly magazine focused on events, music and culture).