In order to promote authentic Italian gastronomic culture in the Mexican Republic, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Mexico City organised two evening events in the restaurants La Luna sul Mare in Puebla and Cenacolo Laguna in Cancún, both of which are certified by Ospitalità Italiana. The main feature of the event in Puebla was an Italian menu that was presented, dish by dish, by the chef, who explained the features of the various dishes, highlighting the added value of Italian products and pointing out differences between authentic products and Italian-sounding products that can be found in the Mexican market. The Cancún evening focused instead on Italian wine. Mr Riccardo Ricci Curbastro, Chair of FEDERDOC (Confederation of voluntary Consortiums for the protection of Italian wine designations), gave a seminar on Italian wine, in which he explained Italian regional differences, how to read labels correctly and the designations of origin pyramid, all along showing the benefits of authentic Italian production.