In 2017 the ICCC of Vancouver carried on with its media dinner activities reserved for the specialised press. Considering the positive experience in Vancouver and after hearing that a number of people in Alberta were interested in the project, the ICCC of Vancouver decided to organise a dinner in Calgary, in order to involve the media of this Province as well. The media dinner was held in the Centini restaurant, a landmark for the gourmets who love high Italian cuisine and for wine lovers. The media representatives attending the event were:

  • Janet Henderson, City Palate 
  • Linda Garson, Culinaire Magazine 
  • Patt Ottman, Business in Calgary Magazine TBC 
  • Shelly Boetcher, Calgary Herald, VERVE TBC
  •  Jennifer Hamilton, Executive Editor, Avenue Magazine TBC  

The ICCC supplied information on the project through the press releases prepared for the dinners - it also provided media kits with the instructions for promoting the initiatives online.

Media Dinner, Vancouver, 8 February 2017
The dinner was organised with the help of the Consulate General of Italy in Vancouver and was held during the Victoria Film Festival (which attracted many media representatives and influencers). A special menu, based on Italian PDO and PGI products, was created with the involvement of a number of local influencers and important people.