CCIE Vancouver organised a series of 5 lessons on Italian cuisine, each with a specific focus that was developed also by using Italian PDO and PGI products. The lessons were held by APCI (Italian Chef Association of Canada) member chefs in collaboration with teachers from the Vancouver Community College suitably trained in the course of previous events (Masterclasses November 2016).
The lessons focused on: “Italian cuisine from North to South", "Everything you need to know about pasta", "Bread, pizza and pastry", "Food and wine pairing", "Gourmet Ice Cream", involving chefs and trade experts. The lessons were attended by students and instructors (about 20/lesson) who were given the opportunity to combine theory (Italian food and processes) with practice by preparing dishes with authentic Italian products. Lastly, each course was attended by a media influencer, including Valerie Van der Gracht (Editor & Publisher of, Marzia Molatore (Food blogger of Bella Cibo), and Michele Marko (Vancouver Sun) while trade operators were involved for product procurement and supply.