The masterclass organised by the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast, at the Miami Culinary Institute, was dedicated exclusively to innovation in Italian gastronomic culture but involved the use of traditional products: quality raw materials and DOP and IGP certified Italian products accompany the evolution of Italian culinary art, always prompting the finest chefs to develop new ideas and combinations.

The event for industry professionals was guided by: Federico Bolla of AICIG - the Italian Association of Geographic Indication Consortia - and a Representative in the US for the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium, who explained the exceptional diversity and versatility of Italian food products, Lou Di Palo the US Representative of the Grana Padano Consortium and Piave cheese and Francesco Lupo, the US Representative for the Parma Ham Consortium, who highlighted the most important features of products and suggested some of the best techniques for using them. The event was also attended by Rodrigo Florim, VP Sales for MEC3 USA, who explained how certified products can be used in confectionery recipes.

Following a technical demonstration, participants also got to taste dishes prepared by Chef Leonardo La Cava of the Italian Federation of Cooks.

The event finished with the presentation of the top 3 students in the Italian cooking competition organised by the Miami Culinary Institute.