Over the course of the Italic Award Gala, organised by the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast, Inc., in the prestigious location of the Penthouse at Miami’s Riverside Wharf, there was a focus on the promotion of the Made in Italy food & wine culture, with special attention being afforded to the promotion of the authenticity of Italian PDO and PGI products.

The event was sponsored by 10 food&wine companies that made their products available for the preparation of the welcome cocktails and first courses as part of the evening’s menu. Andrea Marchesin of the Italian Chefs’ Federation and renowned Miami-based restaurant Toscana Divino (awarded the ‘Ospitalità Italiana’ seal) was in charge of the night’s proceedings.

The influencers present at the event had the opportunity to discover the flavours of authentic Italian delicacies with the sponsors as their guides.