The fourth edition of the La Vendimia – En Nuestra Tierra enogastronomy trade fair was held in the garden of the Las Caballerizas restaurant in Huixquilucan. Approximately 14,000 people participated in this event that is recognised throughout the country.

In La Vendimia, the Cámara de Comercio Italiana en Mexico set up a pavilion offering Italian pizza and coffee, providing participants with the chance to taste real espresso coffee and some pizza varieties prepared according to Neapolitan tradition.

During the second day of the trade show, the pizza maker David Alejandro Rojas - winner of the Best classic pizza award in the 2018 Mexican Pizza Championship - entertained participants with a masterclass on pizza, talking about the history of real Neapolitan pizza, explaining which Italian products should be used and revealing the secrets of preparing and baking pizza.