Supermarket representatives were invited to a masterclass organised by the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce in Quincy, Massachusetts.
The educational event focusing on PDO and PGI certified products was attended by employees of Roche Bros, a chain of 21 stores that is now one of the most important players in the Boston metropolitan area and New England.

The masterclass was held on Roche Bros’ premises in Quincy and featured speakers Francesco Lupo, US representative of the Consorzio Prosciutto di Parma e Parmigiano Reggiano, and Lou Di Palo, US representative of the Consorzio Grana Padano e il formaggio Piave and writer, freelance journalist and owner of New York's oldest “salumeria” or Italian deli.

In addition to information on PDO and PGI certifications and the regulations underlying them, a number of sessions were held providing more detailed information on the products featured at the event: Asiago PDO, Grana Padano PDO, Piave PDO and Prosciutto di Parma PDO.