The seminar on authentic Italian products was reserved to industry operators (importers, distributors, restaurateurs and supermarkets), bloggers, journalists and influencers.
The speakers included:

  • John Nitti, owner of the company Isola Imports, an importer of Italian quality food,
  • Gaetano di Benedetto, owner and chef of two top-grade restaurants in Chicago,
  • Jay Nitti, US market manager for Isola Imports, 
  • Fulvio Calcinardi, Director at the Italian American Chamber of Commerce of Chicago. 

In the course of the seminar, the participants were illustrated the substantial differences between authentic Italian products and “Italian sounding” products. The products promoted during the seminar included, among others, gnocchi, gluten-free gnocchi, wines, olive oils, canned tomatoes.
The seminar was followed by a tasting of products which involved 150 people. For the tasting, a fully functional kitchen was installed, where the various dishes were prepared using the aforesaid products. The dishes were prepared by Chef Gaetano Di Benedetto.