The logo - created with a red trademark, the word “ASIAGO” in green and the words “FORMAGGIO D.O.P.” in red - represents a round of cheese with a wedge cut out which, transformed into a stylized “A”, is partially inserted into the round. 

Rounds of Asiago PDO are identified with casein labels numbered and marked with bands containing the logo, along with the alphanumeric initials of the cheese producer and the denomination name. The mark of origin is made up of a repetition of the word “ASIAGO” and logo of the PDO imprinted on the edge (side) of the cheese. The cheese rounds decorated by the additional words “product of the mountains” are distinguished by the insertion of the words “prodotto della montagna” in the marking bands. At the end of the minimum maturation period the rounds are further identified by a branded stamp placed on the side.