With a cylindrical shape and flat sides, the cheese has a diameter of 30 to 40 cm, a slightly convex rind with a thickness of 5 to 10 cm, and a weight that varies from 5 to 9 kg. Bra PDO cheese comes in two different varieties: "Bra Tenero" or "Bra Duro". The tenero version is not as mature and has an inedible, light grey, pliable rind that surrounds an ivory-white paste with a mild and pleasurable flavour. In this case, the cheese is moderately firm and elastic with small and occasional holes. Whereas, Bra duro has a thicker, inedible rind that is beige in colour and a paste that varies from light straw to yellow-ochre, which has a sharp and nutty flavour. The cheese bears the same name as the capital of Roero and is made throughout the Province of Cuneo using milk that is produced exclusively in the same province. Maturing must take place in the area where it is produced or the municipality of Villafranca Piemonte.