With a vaguely rhomboid shape, the logo shows the words “GRANA” and “PADANO”, a “G” (in the upper point) and a “P” (in the lower point) against a yellow background. The rounds bear a series of dotted rhomboid diamonds slightly inclined to the right, staggered between each other and repeated all around the  cheese (except for an empty space reserved for the GRANA PADANO branded stamp). At the centre is a four-leaf clover with, inside, very small initials of the province in which the producer is located, the cheese maker’s serial number (three digits) and the letters “PDO”. In addition there are two small ovals and two small circles that each interrupt a dotted diamond placed respectively above, below and to the right and left of the serial number; to the lower left of the four-leaf clover is the CE stamp identifying the production facility, while on the right of the four-leaf clover, under the GRANA PADANO branded stamp, appears an identification mark (three letters and two digits) of the month and year of production.