A tradition dating back to the 13th century has its roots in the Valnerina territory that joins the Sibillini Mountains and the high valley of the River Nera. The skill of the pork butchers, handed down from generation to generation, has produced this exceptional PGI cured ham, Prosciutto di Norcia, which is only made in Cascia, Monteleone di Spoleto, Norcia, Poggiodomo and Preci, at an altitude of at least 500 metres above sea level. Its taste is sapid but not salty, slightly spicy, unique and strong on the palate. It is fruit of the excellent air quality, the oak woods in which the pigs graze and the particular altitude and climate of their habitat. And with every bite, you can taste the skill and passion with which the meat is processed. It is salted and rubbed twice, covered with the characteristic “sugna”, a mixture made of flour, pepper, salt and natural aromas, and then left to cure for at least 12 months. The PGI mark eternally binds Prosciutto di Norcia to its territory, protecting its richness, uniqueness and beauty.