A unique choice: whether you go for the round or square Raschera, its unmistakable qualities are concealed within a treasure chest of thin reddish-grey crust, sometimes with yellowish reflections or reddish markings on the sides, which are often accentuated by ageing.
Sink your teeth into its ivory-white, supple texture featuring tiny irregular holes, and discover its fine, delicately scented flavour with a hint of spiciness and savouriness when aged for at least one month.
The native area of the one and only Raschera PDO includes the entire territory of the province of Cuneo. Production and ageing must take place at an altitude of more than 900 metres, which is why this is known as an "Alpeggio" cheese (i.e. made from the milk of cows bred on mountain pastures). The signature detail? The Raschera logo, consisting of a stylised "R" stamped at the centre of each wheel.