The Project

The True Italian Taste project - funded and promoted by the Ministry of Economic Development and realised by Assocamerestero with the support of 9 Italian Chambers of Commerce in Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Montréal, Toronto, Vancouver and Mexico City - is a major campaign to enhance the awareness of authentic Italian products in the USA, Canada and Mexico. True Italian Taste, which is part of a programme promoted by the Ministry of Economic Development under the name “The Extraordinary Italian Taste”, has the aim of:

Tell consumers all over the world about the benefits of true Italian products and the importance of the link between foods and the places they come from.
Help "foodies" choose and use authentic Italian ingredients, supporting both businesses and consumers.
Support Italian makers of certified, traditional and niche products who would like to be better known on international markets, and reinforce and expand business opportunities for companies already present on world markets.
How to take advantage of the healthy qualities of true Italian food, promoting organic products, new nutri-free food, dietary supplements, and all Italian-made products certified for certain ethnic categories (halal and kosher foods)
THE FIRST YEAR (2016/17)
3 strategic incoming business projects supporting positioning of Italian products on international markets involving a total of 36 dealers, with 700 business meetings and almost 400 participating enterprises.
1 press conference at the Chamber of Deputies presenting the project’s goals and planned actions for the protection of Italian products in North America.
1 conference with institutions in Puglia and enterprises in the area regarding certified production and prevention of the phenomenon of “Italian-sounding products”.
59 events help to promote and strengthen the position of authentic Italian products in Canada, the United States and Mexico.
16 masterclasses with the involvement of chefs, nutritionists and salespeople in various parts of North America focusing on DOP and IGP products.
1 app about 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil.
1 seminar entitled “Authentically Vino: promoting Italian wines in the USA, CANADA and MEXICO”, held at the prestigious Vinitaly trade fair in Verona.
3 educational tours with the involvement of 27 key influencers (reporters, bloggers, chefs) in Apulia, Campania, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Emilia Romagna, Lombardy to underline the excellence of Italian food and wine and demonstrate the quality of Italian production processes to consumers.
3 strategic incoming business projects
1 press conference
1 conference
40 promotional events
9 masterclasses
2 educational tours
1 conference

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